What is Taiga Travels & Production

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I believe in culture, in all it meanings. For me authenticity in tourism and in culture products means generous hospitality, real local life and people and not least moderation in tourism business that helps on sustainable development. We are doing this with people and to people.

Authenticity is respecting the local communities and presenting them as they are. Culture is everything we share and experience. There is nothing excluded. 

And with art, we are able to present, share and be touched by the experiences we and other have. With art we make our experiences visible.

Experiences from culture festival management and working as a producer in different festivals has taught me a lot about culture products and festivals, and working in the Lappish tourism business in variant jobs has given me an eyesight and vision to develop unique culture and tourism products basing on the values of authenticity, locality and original hospitality.

In art and culture I'm on the mission to present Lappish and Finnish art and culture for the travelers all over the world not to forget the local audiences. I also want to develop the possibilities of Lappish artists and creative industry to work in Lapland and be found, seen and celebrated all over the world.

I've degrees of Culture Management from HUMAK University of Applied Sciences (2010) and I'm Master of Arts from University of Lapland (2017).

I believe in participatory methods and I love to work in the new groups of different experts from variant fields to help them develop their work, products and business with creative ways. I use services design methods in my work. I'm also interested in experimentations and I use experimentation in my work methods. 

I'm always ready for new challenges, maybe you have the next one for me?

Taiga Travels & Production is founded by Laura Tervo on 2017. Laura Tervo has many years experience in different tourism jobs in Pyhä-Luosto area that has taught her about travelers, about their needs and wishes not to forget the business it self. Her main focus has been in the cultural festivals and event management, last one on LuostoClassic-festival in 2014 and 2015. Laura has also been part of the EU projects and regional project planning. She has degrees of Bachelor of Cultural management and production from Humak University of Applied Sciences (2010) and Master of Arts from the University of Lapland (2017).